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✍ Custom Profile Picture ✍

A customized profile picture to use on your social profiles. Created with a circular crop in mind, like most social media platforms present.

While making your selection, you'll have the option to choose between four crops of your image. Neck & Up, Shoulders & Up, Hips & Up or a Full Body profile picture.

You'll also choose between a Simple Background or a Complex Background. Simple Backgrounds would have solid colors, gradients, and/or simple shapes and patterns. Complex Backgrounds would include locations, props, and/or interact with the character.


With this order you will be prompted to decribe your profile picture and provide your contact details. Once your order is placed you'll recieve an email invite to the WildnCrafty Discord to begin your custom graphic process. In the Discord you'll be able to send reference images and have a private channel to discuss your project with WildnCrafty Designs!

If I purchased a torso crop, will it crop exactly at the torso?
   ~ The crop of your image will look natural, unless specified otherwise. For a Torso crop, some upper leg may be included as to not look cut off.

Profile Picture | Twitch ~ Discord ~ YouTube

PriceFrom $25.00
  • 💌Estimated Delivery:

    10 - 12 Business Days



    📩Files Delivered:

    Type ~ PNG



    Sizes ~ 500px  x  500px  |

    1000px  x  1000px  |  2000px  x  2000px

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