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WildnCrafty Mascot - Palette

🌿 About 🌿

The WildnCrafty Designs adventure began for L after receiving her BFA for Animation and Filmmaking. Post-graduation, she started streaming on Twitch to fill the void of being jobless. Once reaching affiliate and making her own emotes, she was very quickly sought after by friends and streamers alike to create their Twitch emotes, too.

This was the first time L felt happy and fulfilled creating art. This scratched the itch of art, business, and making people happy all at once. Thus, in April 2021, the WildnCrafty Designs LLC was born.

Since then, she has been making an array of stream graphics, from emotes to PNGTubers. She found that drawing so frequently led her to transform her skills into something they had never been and has taken her ambition to a whole new level of the design world. The world of plushies! 

L Portrait

🌿 Who's L? 🌿

L ( she/her ) is an artist that specializes in animal-based designs, but enjoys venturing into challenging design themes, too.

Her artistic experience has been consistent throughout her lifetime, but she has made specific strides in chibi illustration over the past four years.

She enjoys her cats, food, nature, and movies.

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