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Wooden Keychain Peel Cover

Hey there, Wild Ones! If you've just snagged one of my wooden keychains, and you're confused about why it looks faded, here's a "How to" on removing the protective peel! The peel is like a cozy blanket for your design, ensuring it arrives in tip-top shape. Here's a quick guide on how to peel it off with love and care.

Check Your Keychain

First, ensure that your keychain arrived safely, and that there are no defects or damages of the clasp, main charm and logo charm.

Choose an Edge

Choose any edge to start peeling. There's no "start" on any side of the peel, so it will look completely flat. I recommend starting with the larger charm, because the logo charm can be more tricky, due to the size.

Zap wooden keychain cover peel
Unpeeled front of keychain charm

Sratch & Peel

Begin peeling up your chosen edge with your finger nail or tweezers, gently. Personally, I use a small scratching motion with my nail. Stop once you bring up enough of the cover to begin peeling.

Partially peeled front of zap keychain charm
Partially peeled front of keychain charm

Once your little tab is up, slowly grab the tab and peel back. Be gentle and move with your design's shape, much like you would peel a sticker. Once you've peeled the front side of your main charm, be sure to peel the back of your charm and the small logo charm, too! You'll know the back of the charm is unpeeled if it has these almost wet-looking discolorations showing. Peeled charms show the even natural wood grain.

Unpeeled back of Zap keychain
Unpeeled back of keychain charm

🎊 Your Keychain is Ready! 🎊

Once the front and back are peeled on the main charm and the logo charm, your keychain is ready to go! Attach to your bag, keys, or display it near your desk to remind you of your scaly, aquatic, or fuzzy friend!

♻️ To dispose of your peels, be sure to recycle them! ♻️

Zap creatives wooden charms unpeeled and peeled covers
Left to right: Unpeeled and peeled keychain charms


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