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🔔 Kidd Krampus Plush - Your Naughty Companion! ðŸ””


Introducing Kidd Krampus, the first WildnCrafty Companion! Companions are organic plushies and are designed for ages 3 and above. This plush sits at a little over 10 inches tall, equipped with magnets in its mouth and hands for added playfulness.


WildnCrafty Companions also feature interchangeable clothing and accessories. Krampus' accessories include a lush holiday cloak, a jingle bell choker ( that actually jingles ), a tied Bag of Mischief, and a magnetized Krampus tongue. These removable items allow for easy cleaning, dynamic styling, and imaginative play. The plush is slightly weighted and designed to sit.

Kidd Krampus' prototype is nearly complete! Keep up with his progression on BackerKit.

Kidd Krampus Plush

Expected to ship October 2024! We're currently honoring the BackerKit price of $40, for your pre-order.
  • WildnCrafty Companions are organic plushies!

    ✅ 100% hypoallergenic materials

    ✅ Corn PLA fiber stuffing

    ✅ GOTS verified 100% organic cotton
    ✅ Avoids synthetic fabrics, dyes, fillers, chemical flame retardants, pesticides, insecticides, or GMOs.

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