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🌿 Embrace eco-friendly charm with our Wooden Pitbull Keychain 🌿


Featuring a delightful chibi pet design of a Pitbull. Sized at 2" (50mm) and finished in matte, it's a perfect accessory for Pitbull lovers. Crafted with care and conscience, choose sustainability without compromising style!

❕A Note from WildnCrafty Designs: The full ears design is NOT cropped ears. Cropped ears are not condoned nor supported by WildnCrafty Designs for ANY breed. â•

Pitbull Keychain

Coat Color
Eye Color
  • 🪵 Printed in vibrant full color on responsibly sourced maple wood.



    🪵 Each piece is unique with natural variations.



    🪵 Covered with a protective film that's 100% recyclable.


    See more at our Journal Entry: Eco Friendly Merch.

  •  Send your suggestion to so we can make your furry/scaley/aquatic pal!

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